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On Line Silhouette:
The Original Thread posted by OBX22 is on the Community Forum.....Just thought some of you might be like me, and very rarely read all the forums.....I just happened to see this.....

Original Thread:
Ready for something new?
Have you been wanting to compete against others on the Forums, but don't want to "bench" it?
Are you a believer in "aim small, miss small" ?
Want to test yourself with that new rifle?
Would you rather compete with a handgun?

Why not join us in E-mail Silhouette ?
We have targets/classes for .22LR, .22Mag, & .17HMR!
Hows it work?
Simple: Just e-mail
[email protected]
for rules and targets.
Print out a set, and then run off copies (need extras for practice!).
Read the rules completely, shoot your targets at the listed ranges, then e-mail your scores back to me.
Its just that easy.

any takers?

Many thanks to Antlers and BigMac for their contributions towards this project, it would not be possible without you!

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You probably need to post that question on the community forum
under the On Line Silhouette Thread. Address it to OBX22.....
I had nothing to do with it.....I just happened to see it over there and posted it here on the CZ forum for those CeeeeeZeeeee guys like myself that don't have the time to read all the forums.....I didn't want any of the Ceeeeezeeeee guys to miss out on the Silhouette shooting, especially since we have the BESTEST and most ACCURATE RIFLES :D
Shoot, I recieved my USBR Targets probably more than 6 weeks ago and I haven't been able to shoot one yet.....I hope to get in on the On Line Silhouette, BUT, Don't know when I'll have the time :confused:
Oil Well, I guess I need to do some serious juggling of time :D
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