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Does marlin sell a laminated stock for the 917v?

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I noticed they don't have one listed on their site? Anyone purchase the laminated stock for the 917v? Also, would this stock fit the 982VS 22 WMR heavy barrel? Seems to me that the actions and everything would be the exact same size..?

Anyone have any accuracy experience with the 982vs?
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Yes they do. If you call them or look in your box that came with the gun, you will find a flyer where you will see them. You can also order them from Brownwell's I believe as well.

Brownell's appears to only have the 17VS gray laminated stock...which can be modified for the 917V with a little dremel inletting....


Thanks Tim. you beat me to that. I was just getting ready to follow up with the info. and the link. :t

You can get a beautiful one from Roberts Micro-Fit, if you don't mind waiting a few months and doing some finishing yourself. Just my opinion, but it's worth the wait... just a couple more coats of linseed and this one is done...

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Beautiful gun JohnO. How does it shoot? What scope did you mount?
How long did it take to get that terrific finish?
That's a plain jane 917v, bought at walmart for $170. Scope is Leupold Rifleman, which is good but I sure wish it had an AO for target work. Only other change was the rifle basix trigger. Shoots real straight.

The stock was $130, and comes semi-finished. Needs final sanding and finishing. Almost done with that, as soon as I can get a coat of linseed oil to go on without getting rough spots on it.
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