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Ive done some and I love it! I use my Marlin model 60 with the factory open sights. I can shoot coins out of the air pretty regularly, split playing cards, and even shot some "smarties" candies out of the air. Charcoal bricks are pretty fun too because they turn to a cloud of black dust. I tried shooting through the center of a life savers candy but couldnt with the set up i had. Im going to try to shoot the edge of an ax and hit two targets soon. Before this weekend, I hadnt done any trick shooting for 6 or 8 months so I was a little rusty.

Here is a picture of a card I split in half this weekend. Shot from 15 yards. Took 6 shots

On Easter, we always shoot the eggs that we dye. Here are a few pics of us shooting eggs

My youngest cousin shooting my Fiance's Pink camo Marlin 925

My dad layin down shootin his Buckmark, and me shooting my Marlin 981T
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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