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Did you ever hear of this

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Oakshores electronic sights Inc. IT's a 1.5x4.5 scope with a 11 position bright-
ness control that lights up with a dot in the center of the reticle. Nice scope
and very clear optic's. The name is on the batt plate and in the center it
says micro dot. The dot is powered by one sony battery. I bought this used
today at a gun show. I never heard of it but I like it. It was on a 44 mag so
I guess it will stand up to that. I am only going to use it on a 22. It also says
made in Japan. Anyone have any experience with these. What is it worth?
anything good or bad would be appriciated. You can use it with or without the
dot. I gave $100 for it.
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I had a red dot sight made by them a few years ago. Worked well and had good adjustments. I've never seen or heard of one since your post. Mine came on a crossbow I had a few years ago. Sold it along with the crossbow. Sounds to me like you did pretty good for $100.

The MicroDot scopes are related to the people that distribute the UltraDot. Although it seems as they are now redesigned, and maybe not available, they are very decent scopes.

I have one of the highest power available, and I gave around $350.00 for it.


Godspeed JL :Angel_ani
The one i got is almost like the 1.5x4.5 pictured on the bottom except mine
does not have the batt. pack on the eye pcs. mine has the brightness control
and the batt on the other side of the windage. The guy that I bought it from
said it was almost $300. It has some ring marks but it is short and they are
covered up with the rings. Really great optic's though. Click adjustments are
1/4 moa and very smooth. The one I have is a handgun scope and I am going
to put it on my buckmark pro-target or maybe my 41 Smith. He did say they
had something to do with Ultra-Dot. What a great idea, I am suprised that
they were not more popular. I don't see anything on that web-site about the
handgun scope. Mine is only 9" long.
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