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Did the Deed: 9422 Legacy Mag

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Rifled through the numerous gun racks the past week and made some discoveries that brought me to my purchase. Looked at the lever Marlins, Henrys, and Winchesters and here is my take on em.

Marlin: The wood design just looked "ballooned" around the action. And that big ol screw on the side of the receiver just looks stupid. PLus, the action felt short stroked.

Henry: The absolute best looking of all, but I found the Golden Boy was very difficult to shoulder properly while achieving a proper sight alignment/sight picture. Looking at the H001s and H001Ts I'd say the T version with octagon barrel was pretty nice looking. Only draw back is that spray painted receiver. Action was slick.

Winchester: Boy, looks like a full size rifle in a compact frame. Very pleasing design and construction. Picked up the Legacy and fell in love with the feel. Knew I had to have it. Didn't run with the Tribute because I wanted the more traditional, conservative look.

SO, after settling on the Legacy I called the gunshop I do business with out of South Dakota and again, they had the best deal.

Here it is:
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Nice rifle

When I read that Winchester was dropping the 9422, I rushed out and bought four. All mine are the Traditional with the straight lever and three have the case colored receiver.

Now, I have four Marlin lever rimfires and four Winchester lever rimfires so I'm not going to engage in a "which is best" discussion. But the Winchesters get more shooting time. :D

I believe you will grow very fond of that rifle.
Congrats on a fine rifle and a word of warning, lever .22's are addictive. I'm sure it will give you years of shooting pleasure.

I know what you mean about the Henry Goldenboy and sight alignment. I have to slide my head down the side of the stock in order to properly aim.
I think you'll really like the mag Legacy. I bought one of the first one from my local dealer and say there's no comparison to "any" other lever in current production. I'm about to scope mine because I'm too nearsighted to shoot the iron sights now...and if you've shot a lot of bolts with "good" triggers you'll have to learn the feel of the 9422. I had mine honed and cleaned up a bit and it's still a little heavy and creepy. A lot of fun to shoot, though, and plenty accurate!
I was wondering how the triggers were on the gun. Guess if it is that bad, I'll just have it worked on. Guess I'll find out tomorrow! Any places on the action I can polish or improve upon?
Yeah, the Golden Boy is like a small "A" frame with the receiver at the top of the "A".
Well, took the 9422 Legacy out for a range and hunting test. Tried several different loads and it shot all of them decently, with a couple that really excelled. Action was smooth, no feeding problems, and zeroing was simple with just a click of elevation.

50 + 75 Yard tests: I managed to get the same group sizes at both ranges. I think this was due to my familiarization with the trigger by the time I hit the 75yd mark.

Ammo: CCI Maxi-Mag +V
Velocity: 2250 Ave. @ 90 F.
Small Grp: .25"
Large Grp: 3/4"
Note: Had several 3 shot groups that touched at 75 yds.

Ammo: Winchester Super-X 40gr FMJ
Velocity: 1914 Ave. @ 90 F.
Small Grp: .5"
Large Grp: 1"
Note: Same thing, had several 3 shot groups printed on top of each other, but two shots out of the five would open up the group.

Honrable mention goes to Winchester Super-X Hollow points and Maxi-Mag. These two would always hover around the 1" group size at both ranges, but I wasn't able to get them to touch like the CCI + V or the Super-X 40 FMJ.

I didn't have time to see if group size would change with magazine tube capacity. Task for the next session. The rear semi-buckhorn sight will probably be replaced with a ORH ghost ring. I could get good groups off the sand bags, but walking around and shooting was much more difficult.

***Rest of the post was sanitized***
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I'm really impressed with your eyesight if you can get groups like that with factory sights at 50 and 75 yards. That's good shooting. You didn't mention this, but the Winchester Supreme hollow points are a very lethal load, too. I've never been able to group them very well, but I've taken a couple of stray dogs out of my neighbor's sheep and it put them...as you say...DRT!

By the way, I've never bothered "poofing" a sparrow with a .22 mag round, but try a tangerine come this winter. With the right hollow point they really evaporate and leave such a wonderful fragrance behind. It's like a .22 air freshener. On a humid, cold day it lasts for nearly a half hour!

Thanks bubba, I've always had excellent vision. I just had my eyes checked for a physical and I have 20/15 and 20/17 vision. If only I had a peep sight, I would be tack driving. I'm really wanting to try out some Win Supremes, Rem premiers, and CCI TNTs.
9422 peep sight

If you're really interested in a peep sight, I believe Williams Gunsight offers one and Marbles still makes a tang sight for this model. Enjoy.
onausable said:
If you're really interested in a peep sight, I believe Williams Gunsight offers one and Marbles still makes a tang sight for this model. Enjoy.
Just not sure I'll have enough thumb space for the peep on the Legacy's pistol grip stock. One of the biggest selling points for the gun was the stock feel, and I don't want to mess that up. Heck, I killed more things in one day with that rifle than I have others that I''ve owned for a couple years!
9422 Mag

Well you know what they say? If it ain't broke don't fix it.
I hear ya, bub. Heading out tonight to smack a couple ***** that are invading my friend's garage. That is...if we don't get too much aiming fluid in us! :beerchug: No Kidding, brand new beautiful home built in the country this past Spring and he's got ***** coming right into the garage at night. Couple weeks ago he started his truck and a **** came flying out from under the hood. :1t Can't sleep at night anymore knowing that kind of stuff happens to friends.

I feel his pain. I had a bad experience with a **** at our cabin in northern MI.
It pulled off the chimney cap, came down the chimney, pulled open the damper and went around to every window in the cabin trying to chew its way out. Broke several windows, crapped all over the place, and did about $3,000 in damage before chewing a hole right out the side near the front door. ***** and porkies, I shoot'em on sight! They are devils on earth! Good hunting!
Mission accomplished. Sat out in chairs back of a truck bed and waited for a couple hours for the vermin to show. Didn't see a thing until I spotted a tree 50 yds directly behind us. Saw a large **** and my friend nailed it with his Marlin 25M, swung off the tree and scurried away with a significant blood trail. I saw another large **** right after and blasted him as it was going headfirst down the trunk. Then we got right up underneath the tree and discovered 3 baby *****. I hit two of them utilizing a tactical flashlight rifle hold combo and the third **** went into a trunk hole. I'd say very successful night for reducing the **** problem. :snipersmi:

No offense, although I do detest the varmants, I always make sure on a quick and humane kill. Your description of the evening's events appears to leave some question in that regard. I hope the animals died quickly.
"In theory there is no difference between practice and theory, but in practice there is." Give me some credit, Bub. A 50 yd shot on a **** with a 22 mag ins't unreasonable at all. Usually DRT. The people who hunt often know that not everything always goes as planned. I'd call 3 confrimed kills out of 5 pretty good. Tracked the blood trail as far as we could on that one ****, but the track dried up on us.

The after action analysis on that hunt put me right into Walmart to pick up the Remington 33gr Vmax that have reported outstanding results, and the Maxi-Mag + Vs that I had much luck with. Last night we were using Winchester lead tipped HPs, after that type didn't react well with the "one that got away", I won't be using them anymore.
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