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Did more testing with the Savage 93 looking for the golden ammo!

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Over the weekend had a chance to try out some Winchester Supremes in the 93FVSS. Still had some Remington Premiers and CCI Maxi-mag to compare it with along with some CCI Maxi-mag+V. So far the Maxi-mag+V has come out on top, the CCI TNT shot about as accurate but gonna have to do some more testing. Some day I may even have to try out some of Ski's high dollar "Yes that's a rimfire that just outshot your big bucks centerfire gun" OSSI ammo.

So what are you guys that are shooting bolt guns having the best luck with?

Dave Z.
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My Savage 93F likes the Federal Classic 50 jhp and CCI TNT 30 grainers. I can get 3/4" 100 yard groups when I do my part. For optics I have a Simmons 8-Point 3-9x32. Total price for gun, rings, and scope was $190 and I can get sub-moa accuracy. How cool is that?
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