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I have used three different types of Devcon plastic putty for bedding rimfires and centerfires. Aluminum, titanium, and steel putty are all good; if weight is a factor, use either the aluminum or titanium. The steel putty is the most common. I have always mixed by weight on a digital scale, 9 to 1 ratio, and comes out great everytime. For a release agent, use Kiwi nuetral shoe polish. Rub one good coat on all surfaces. I use Qtips to get into tight places or model paint brushes. When you apply the epoxy, don't getin a hurry, you have plenty of time. Just drop in the stripped barrelled action and snug up the action screw. the material will ooze out, but it won't drip or run. I don't touch it for at least one hour; if you try to clean up the overrun, it will definitely shrink around the edges. I wait one hour and usually it is firming up at this point. Use plastic dental picks to remove the excess where you can reach it, top or bottom. Depending on the temperature, most jobs will be completely cured in 24 hours. Seems to work for me.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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