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Here is the recipe we serve at our Game Dinner... the guys lick the pot!

Venison Chili…

Salt & black pepper (season meat when browning)
Chili pepper
Cayenne seasoning
Garlic powder
Lawry’s seasoning
Mrs. Dashes Seasoning\
2 large bunches of celery (cleaned & cut into small pieces)
4 large onions (sweet) chopped
5# venison (ground &/or roast cut into small cubes)
2# ground beef
3# sausage cut into small cubes (venison, beef, breakfast, Italian, etc. – your choice)
4 Large cans of Chili starter (usually says add meat)
1 large (institutional) can of tomato purée/sauce
Add all above items before these…
3 large cans of Diced tomatoes
2 large cans of pork & beans
3 large cans of (red) kidney beans (drain if sauce is too thin)
1 can of tomato paste (if needed to thicken sauce)

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Since I have received several inquires as to how long to simmer and the steps to preparing, I've decided to post the answer here:

This is one of those "overnight" deals...

We use a BIG :D pot (3' tall by 20" in dia.) to cook the chili in.

We start by pre-cooking the meat and raw veggies in a big fry pan late Friday afternoon. Add everything else to the BIG :D pot only after all the meat and veggies are cooked and placed into the pot. Remember - be "light-handed" with the seasonings to start with... you can always add more later, but you can't take'm back out! Then let it simmer on a very low heat over night stirring often, tasting and adding seasonings as needed.

Our guys start eating it for lunch on Saturday while we are setting up for the Game Dinner.

Like I said… they lick the pot clean!;)
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