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Dayton, oh late Sept matches?

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Any scheduled matches(22 BR) in the Dayton area for Sept 24 (Thurs) thru Sunday 27th..

Thank you for looking.
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No shoots I guess.

Thanks for looking.

Are there any shoots anytime in Dayton??
It's 3 hrs from Dayton and not a BR shoot but if you'd like to try something different you'd be welcome to come try or watch and see what it's about at our long-range rimfire match this coming weekend.

Still takes precision shooting and Mother Nature has the upper hand most times but has been a great learning experience.

It's near St. Clairsville right off I-70 around Exit 208.

Four more bench rest shoots on Tues. nights starting at 4:30pm Greene County Fish and Game Xenia, Oh 30 min from Dayton. No awards or money just for fun.
Thanks or the responses. Im going to be visiting and 3 hrs is not going to work. T

I probably will be back home by Tue but ill check it next summer if daughter and family are still there next summer, military family.

PS checked website and it looks like a good active club, BR and euchre, what else do you need?
NSSF Rimfire [email protected] Valley Shooting Grounds (north Dayton) Vandalia OH.

Saturday and Sunday 9-26 and 9-27. Not bench rest but a lot of fun. Prizes usually include a couple of Ruger guns raffled off to entrants.

Now that is interesting.

I checked it quickly. Is that a one day or two day shoot?? I understand it will be held two days but does shooter have to participate both days??

Im going to Dayton for twin grandsons BD party and Id best not disappear for 2 days. One I might get by w/ but not both Sat/Sun.
Yes, each day is a new day. So a shooter can just do one day.
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