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Daphne, Alabama

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Outdoor 25 yards
235-2x Mike Johnson, Daphne, Alabama (Sailor)
CZ 452 Special. Simmons 1022T (9x) WMT
No excuses.

234-2x Mike Johnson, Daphne, Alabama (Sailor)
CZ 452 Special, Simmons 1022T (9x) BAB (Win XPERT)
Nearly the same score as the Wolf!
Outdoor 50 Yards
201-1x Mike Johnson. Daphne, Alabama (Sailor)
CZ 452 Special, Simmons 1022T (9x) Wolf MT
I need more than 9x to shoot this distance. Old Eyes!
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Don't get discouraged about the glass. Hopefully it won't happen to you, but I shot worse immediately after getting more power.:eek: Now I think I have everything together, but I was out of town last month, and both of my barrels are gone right now. That 201 with a 9x scope is kicking the daylights out of my 000 with a 40x scope.:rolleyes:
I agree, don't get discouraged. I was having lousy scores for a couple of months and then all of sudden the last couple of range sessions things starting picking up. I think I have to give credit to a bunch of little things and the fact that the more you shoot the more you start figuring out what works and what doesn't for you. Keep trying new things and then every now and then go back to them and try them again. Because whether you realize it or not, every time you go to the range and seriously practice you are improving. Sometimes I don't see the improvement for a few sessions later but I do improve.

As far as scope power goes, I have to agree with you. I'm 48 and the eyes aren't what they used to be. I don't wear glasses but since I switched from 18x to 32x I can see the target better and can concentrate on a part of the target, not just trying to keep it on the center.

The main thing is keep shooting and practice. I get frustrated some times. Then I try to lighten up and just have a fun session and just relax. Then go back to the serious stuff.
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The best thing to do is get out and shoot. Take your time and concentrate on being consistent. Find out what kind of hold your rifle likes and keep to it.
Rifle placement on the bags is also important to consistent accuracy. Experiment with that also, some rifles like the front rest halfway up the stock, some further out. Mine likes it about 2" from the end of the stock, so I set my stop there and just slide the rifle back after firing.
9x is pretty marginal for targets, especially when trying to hit that little biddy 10 ring at 50yds. For serious target work I'd recommend at least 16-18x or higher. It allows you to fine tune instead of just trying to hold inside the 9ring and hoping for the best....But I gotta admit your doing pretty well considering the scope your using.
Above all, don't get discouraged if your scores aren't up there with the guys who have been doing this for a while. They have spent countless hours at the range working on the things you are just starting to learn. Just remember that this game is supposed to be fun, don't take it to seriously or it'll begin to feel more like work than a pleasureable pastime. ENJOY! JL
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I know what you mean with the 9x scope...I shot several targets with one and I felt like I was going blind having to concentrate that hard...The 20x I have now seems to be working really well.
Thanks for the encouraging replies. I think I am going to order me one of the Weaver T36 scopes that Bruno's is selling now. It will probably take a little getting used to, but it will be nice to see what I am shooting at 50 yards. I am still trying to fine tune my bench set-up and seem to learn something new every time I go out to the range. I am having a ball!
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