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CZ Varmint Tuning - Again

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I'd written about tuning my Varmint a couple of years ago, but it wasn't made into a Tips and Tricks Forum submission. Here is an edited version for those who missed it:
Tuning the CZ 452 Varmint Model
The bore is beautiful, trigger pull is a bit long, but smooth, and stock is great. I did a minor trigger job, then glassbedded the action with screw sleeves. The barrel lug was removed and a new ¼"X28 screw installed in the front part of the action in line with the front screw hole in the floorplate. The screw is the same as a rear screw on a Remington 700, but ¼" shorter. The screw was run into a die to extend the threads, then cut to fit. The die only cost me $4.

The receiver was drilled and tapped, then a 4.5-14x scope installed in Weaver Top Mount Bases and rings. The sear was also stoned lightly and polished a bit with a felt wheel on a moto-tool, using fine polishing compound.

The CZ doesn't have a tight match chamber. That limits it's accuracy potential, but it shoots Winchester Power Points extremely well. It doesn't like Winchester Dynapoints at all.

The rifle performs best with forend pressure, so I installed a Bug-Hole tuner in the front swivel hole and it works great. Grouping is very good, in the .300"-.320" average range with Eley.

It's also made several groups under ½" with Winchester Power Points, except for a few "ammo" flyers once in a while. Except for contact with the tuner, the barrel channel was relieved with sandpaper wrapped around a dowel, then re-finished.

I prefer pressure pads made from glassbedding material, but had the tuner and wanted to try it on this rifle.

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