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The Simmons 1048 is closer to 15 inches - 14.8" if I remember correctly. The measurments on the website are incorrect. You can fit it in front of the sight base but that might be too far forward for you. Putting it behind the rear sight might be too far back. I have attached a photo showing my Special with a 1048 mounted with BKL rings. I lean my head forward a bit to use it this way. I shot all last summer with the scope like this and had no problems.

The best solution I have seen for any large scope on the Special and Lux models is to get it high enough that you don't have to worry about sight clearance. Unfortunately that might be too high for some. It doesn't bother me a bit as I am using it for silhouette and I like to keep my neck straight while trying to hit those d**m turkeys. Right now I have an old set of high profile mount adapters with high Burris Signature Zee rings. I find it very comfortable despite the height. I might go to medium rings eventually.

Apparently you can remove the rear sight base by knocking out the retaining pin and coaxing the base forward and off the barrel. I haven't done this so it is not from firsthand experience nor recommended for the faint of heart.

You might have a look at smaller objective (<40mm) scopes. The Simmons ProAir scopes have gotten very good reviews in this forum. I have used an old Weaver V9 (3-9x38mmAO) on mine using my low profile adapters and high Burris Signature Zee rings without interfering with the base. I also had a Weaver T36 (36x40mmAO) mounted using a similar setup. A Weaver KT15 might work. A Simmons 1022T 3-9x32mmAO with target turrets is pretty nice though a bit low magnification for anything but hunter benchrest shooting. A Burris 6x HBR would be nice for hunter benchrest and general use. Burris also makes a nice 4-12AO compact scope. There are probably others I have overlooked.
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