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So the idea is to have fun. Run whatever ammo you have in the range bag, that is not match and try to get some impressive groups. A lot of this is just the old 'Chead Ammo Challenge' from the Superstock forums.

The Rules....
1. Any CZ actioned rifle, no matter the barrel or stock, any scope you would like. But please do put a description of the rifle.

2. Sandbags, rolled up beach towel, factory rest, whatever you like to shoot from with the only exception being a Ransome Rest, or any other type that locks the rifle into a perminate possition.

3. All targets will be shot with 4 - 4 round groups, plus 4 measuring shots that must be clearly sepperate from the groups. All 4 groups and measuring shots MUST be on the same card, and shot at the same time, on the same day.

4. All target submissions must be current, and shot for this game, in other words, no digging up old targets and submitting them for approval.

There will be two catagories for qualification....and scoring will be on an average of all 4 groups.......

Catagory #1 - must be shot from 50 yards with a total average not to exceed .750" (3/4")
Catagory #2 - must be shot from 25 yards with a total average not to exceed .500" (1/2")

Now comes the tricky part......

You must shoot cheap bulk grade ammo.....the cheaper, the better......anything you can find that is not considered a match type ammo.....if you have something you believe qualifies that we havent covered, please bring it to our attention.

Here's a list of some to give you an idea for which the spirit of this game is intended.......

Standard Velocity
High Velocity
Standard Velocity
High Velocity

Standard Velocity
Mini Mag
Clean 22

Semi Auto

Target Standard.....(not to be confused with Target)
Golden Bullets....(all varieties)


Subsonic 38 gr.
Subsonic 40 gr.
Standard Velocity 40 gr.
Standard Velocity 38 gr.
High Velocity SP
High Velocity HP 38 gr.
22 Short HV 29 gr.
Super Colibri

Super-X LR 40 gr.
Super-X LR HP 40 gr.
Super-X LR HP 37 gr.
Super-X T-22
Super-X Subsonic
333 - (Wal-Mart Special)



Standard velocity
High Velocity

The "NO" list
Includes but is not limited too.....
Anything from SK, Wolf, RWS, Lapua, CCI Select, Green Tag, Pistol Match(with the obvious exception of Blazers), all Fiocchi not listed above, Aquila Golden Eagle's, Super Maximum, all Eley and Remington-Eley not listed above, PMC Match Pistol or Match Rifle, and anything from the Federal Gold Metal line.

Scoring your targets.....

Using standard calipers and standard measurements...(no metrics please)....include the size of each measuring shot, and the total average used for subtraction. Include the outside to outside measurement of all 4 groups with the subtractor, and the total center to center measurement. Then add all 4 groups, divide by 4, and include your group average. Scan or photograph your target, then up load it to any one of the free photo hosting sites in a size reasonable for use on a message board....(640 X 800), then link it to your post. You may also include any other information concerning the conditions, what you had to do to your rifle to get it to shoot the cheap stuff, the fact that it was your wife's birthday, but you went shooting anyway.....etc...etc.....
Software programs such as "ontarget" or any others like it are not to be used for measuring targets for this game. Digital or dial calipers are the only accepted form of measurements allowed.
You may enter this Challenge as many times as you like with different rifles, and you may enter the same rifle as many times as you like, but each entry must be shot with a different brand and/or type of ammo.

So the targets (only needs to be a 4 rounds in each group) should look something like this....

New Twist added......
The "RE-SHOOT" rule.......if you are not happy with, or feel you can do better on any one of your entries, then you may shoot it again with the same type of ammo. When submitting the re-shot target you must indicate on that target that it is a re-shoot. I will change your original score to reflect the new & improved score and place (RS) next to it to indicate that it was a re-shot score. For those with limited access to the ammo on the list here, this will give you continued oppertunities to keep shooting in the Cheap Ammo Challenge.....
Now grab that box of junk ammo, and go have some fun........

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25y List

Shooter, rifle description, ammo:

JimSC-CZ 452 trainer, Sightron 4 - 12 - Rem T bolt .246", CCI SV .2495"
Hicksville Kid- CZ 453 Varmint Mueller 4-16x @ 9x - Fed automatch .306", CCI SV .190"
Appalachian2 -CZ 452 American, MDT chassis, Athlon Cronus 2.5-30x56, CCI SV .322
chuck40219 -CZ 457 AT-ONE VARMINT 22 LR 24", Clearidge Ultra RM 3x9x32 set at 9x
CCI Mini Mag .195", Fed Bulk 800 .197", Rem Gold .413", Win Super X .434"
Clem-E 455 Tacticool, Weaver V16: Monarch .423", Win222 .491", Fed 510 .362"
-457 American, Burris Timberline 4.5-14. CCI SV .440", Rem T Bolt .323"
COW 54 -CZ 455 UltraLux, Mueller 8-25, Fed AM22 .218"
-CZ 455 Scout, Mueller 8-25, gekko rifle, .279"
-452 Trainer, Mueller 8-32, CCI SV .278"
-455 Varmint, Mueller 8-25, CCI MM .161"
Trolltoes -457 At One, Lothar Barrel, 6-24 Vortex, Fed AM .496", CCI SV .346"
mkane -453 Varmint, Beeman R1. Fed AM .289" CCI SV .229"

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25y Open Class

25y Not CZ class

Clem-E -Feddersen 16.5" threaded and fluted barrelled 10/22, US Optics 3-12x44
Win222 .413", Fed 510 .199", Rem T Bolt .275", Monarch .297", Cascade .467"
(same rifle shot with Griffin Optimus Micro) CCI SV .217"

Midwest Swiss -Russian made Izhmash Biathlon Basic 7-2KO, -Vostok Target .361, Jr. Steel .341 it is Russian made plinking ammo. Norma Tac-22 .259

-Russian made TOZ 78-01, Russian plinking ammo, Jr. Steel .316, CCI Std V .324, Norma TAC-22 .236

-10/22 with a GM 16.5 Match sport barrel, Volq hammer, the rest is all worked over
OEM parts by me, trigger pull 2.25lbs. CCI Std V @ 25 yards, Scope BSA 6-24X40MM AO set @24X.
.245 Total 4 group avg.

Hawkeye57 -Miroku Winchester 52 R, Weaver V-24 @ 12x
Aquila Subs .409", Aquila Super Extra copper HV .354", Automatch .374",

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50y List

Shooter, rifle description, ammo:

Midwest Swiss -CZ 452-E Varmint, BSA 4-16X40MM @ 16X
Fed. 510 .514 , Fed. Range pack .541 , Fed. AM .577, CCI SV .421"
Stubee -CZ 453 V with Nikon BL 6x18 -Fed 510 .660"
JimSC-CZ 452 trainer, Sightron 4 - 12 -CCI SV .423"
nfcracin -CZ 457 At-One, Vortex Diamondback 6-24 at 24, Geco Rifle .565"

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50y Open

50y Not CZ class

Hawkeye57 -Kidd Barrel 10/22, Mueller 8x32 Target dot @20x
Aquila 40g subs .616", Win222 .739", Rem GB .651"
-Miroku Winchester 52. Weaver V-24 @18X, aquila subs, .537"

nfcracin -Anschutz 64, 40x mueller, Geco .496"

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took a full box of Thunderbolt to the range today. It was a bit windy but I like practicing in the wind. I bought 20 bricks (10K rounds) a few years back when Bass Pro was having a sale at $5 per brick. It was meant for the wife's Buckmarks and I had never shot a round through one of my rifles.
The rifle is a stock CZ 452 trainer, Sightron 4 - 12 scope, EBay bipod, Protector bunny bag at the rear.Hose clamp and masking tape from Lowes LOL

A bit of a background is I spend most of my shooting time doing long range centerfire. The CZ's have made a world of difference in my wind reading abilities over the past few years. Shooting them at 50 and 100 a few sessions a month. I reload my own ammo for my centerfire and have taken a reloaders approach to my rimfire. I did a study on my CZ's and found they prefer a base to ogive measurement of .762- .765. Any ammo shorter or longer just does not shoot well, no matter the cost.

The Thunderbolt measured at .755, which meant an obvious problem for my rifles so I had to think a bit outside the box. I recall a old rimfire benchrest shooter telling me once about using a hose clamp as a barrel tuner. I figured it was worth a try. Moving the hose clamp back and fort affected the barrel harmonics just like adjusting the "jump" of the bullet does. I gotta say getting 1 MOA performance at a penny a round felt really good. Shooting this stuff without the garage tuner I was getting 3/4 to 1 inch groups.

I will make a full post on my 10 cent barrel tuner later with pics but here is the 25 Yard results. Oh and 15 and 20 are not the number of tries, these were my only 2 twenty five yard targets. 15 and 20 are the positions on the barrel where I had my makeshift barrel tuner

At position 20 the four groups averaged out at .246 at 25 yards. I hope I scored it right. If not please correct

also pics of the rifle and a closeup of my high tech hose clamp and masking tape barrel tuning
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That is a perfect example of how to measure them! Congrats on being first on the list. gonna get you posted! I need to go thru my ammo stash and put a cheap ammo bag together! :D

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I went to the range yesterday to try a couple of things, one of which was the Crap Ammo Challenge at 25 yards. I didn’t read all the rules before hand, but I figured I’d shoot a practice GM with Federal Automatch just to get a feel for the ammo’s accuracy. Back when I was shooting steel I thought it was the best of the bulk ammo available. The results were pretty much what I expected, a 212-2X. Pretty bad. Usually, with good ammo (Sk-Eley) I shoot in the low to mid 240s depending on the wind. It was a bit windy yesterday so on a calm day I probably would have shot a 213, I figure.

So today, I went back with the purpose of shooting a GM for the 25 yd Scoped. After that I tried the Crap Ammo Challenge. I shot a bunch of sighters off to the side totally missing the point of four separate measuring shots. Oh, well. I shot the four 4shot groups and packed up. When I got home I realized that the 20# bond for target paper was not a great idea. Below is the target with the four groups.

Well it was fun. I’m going to get some card stock to print some targets which I’m sure will help measuring.

24 June 2021
.30625 avg of four groups
Hicksville Kid
Federal Automatch
CZ 453 Varmint Mueller 4-16x @ 9x
Caldwell Rock BR, Protektor bags front and rear
66° winds calm


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Is it any good? Does anyone know?
Well…I think the jury is still out on the Fed 729. I shot these four groups along with measuring shots yesterday in low wind conditions. Not great groups. That flyer killed the last group. But look at the four measuring shots. They would have made a great group. I'll work on it. Lord knows, I've got plenty of it.

Upon return home I was tasked with a grocery run to Walmart. I took a quick buzz thru Sporting Goods and found a box of 100 CCI Mini-Mags and two boxes of 100 12 Ga. Not a bad day, eh?


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This was pretty fun.This is the best of my cheap Ammo. I already had these targets printed on card stock. I keep them because I like them for the aiming point. I have them in different sizes. They’re perfect for this. I cant seem to find a printable link for them at the moment.

I’ll try it with different rifles and at 50 yards soon.
.322 Average , 25 Yards
CZ 452 American, MDT chassis, Athlon Cronus 2.5-30x56, 3” benchrest adapter
Grizzley Big50 front rest, Protektor rear
79F 9-12mph wind


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This was pretty fun.This is the best of my cheap Ammo. I already had these targets printed on card stock. I keep them because I like them for the aiming point. I have them in different sizes. They're perfect for this. I cant seem to find a printable link for them at the moment.
Looks like your having a good time .:bthumb:

You'll find a link to that target and a few others in Dr Gunners games. https://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=462790

That particular target is the one I always liked also.
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