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CZ carrying strap needed?

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Brnomann to the rescue yet again. He's sent me a couple of these leather carrying straps that are made specifically for CZ and Brno slim sling loops. He told me that he has others in stock, in case I want to buy some more.

Well, I have enough, so I just thought I'd mention it to you yayhoos. I know I've seen a few threads in the past about this very subject. I'm attaching a pic of one of the ends of the strap - the round object is a nickle I put on the strap for size reference.

Hope this helps someone. :t
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That's a nice looking sling.

But I own 3 CZ's and wanted to go the Quick Detatchable route.

If you unscrew the metal loops from your CZ, and leave the studs in place, an Uncle Mike's QD swivel will fit in the hole quite nicely. Thus allowing you to use normal 1" slings on a CZ.
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