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CZ brass catcher and S&W mag pouches

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I was making a few knife sheaths recently

and it occurred to me that i should make a few shooting related accessories with kydex.

First is a set of pouches for S&W mags

Next is a brass catcher for a CZ 452

This one started out as a little clip on deflector, the idea was simply to direct spent brass down rather than up and out but the idea evolved into a full blown brass catcher, partly because i fancied the challenge of forming the kydex to exact measurements and partly because it will save brushing up at the range.
It's as big as i could make it without impeding use of the scope turret, trigger or bolt, im sure it will hold a couple of hundred rounds easily so more than enough for a range session.

You can see it in action here
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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