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CZ American Rings

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I just bought a CZ 452 American in .17 HMR and mounted Millet Angle lock rings directly on the dovetail. I've since been told they are not the correct rings for that rifle, and I should use 11 mm rings .. Although I have not shot it very much, it shoots well..

If my set up is not correct... what is the correct combination of base/rings for my gun? I mounted a Nikon 3x9 Buckmaster scope on it...

Sure appreciate any advice................

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The CZ American has a 3/8", 45 degree dovetail and the Millett Angle Loc 22 rings should be perfect for it. If the setup is working for you there is no reason to change it.
Thanx Brookie.. I sure appreciate advice from an expert..

By the way.. gotta get that trigger kit from you.. Been tryin to get to BB Hall of Fame ... maybe i'll just pick it up on my way ..


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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