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( Ifnel )I got a 452 varmint last Friday (its ok she got flowers)---test target measures .398 center to center for 5 shots. After break in 5, 5shot groups 50 yrds--largest--.6--others in the .3s and .4s. Groups at 100 again 5, largest was 1.3 inch--the rest just under an inch. It,s got a 6x20 Weaver on it, but conditions were poor--15 degrees 8 to 10 mile rear quartering breeze. No offence to your dealer but I have to wonder how many CZ,s he,s shot? My guess is the only thing to make one .17 HMR foul more than another is a rough bore , thats not my experience in the short time I shot Sunday--- 25 shot strings after break in no problem. I love this rifle!!! Good luck--shoot safe-- montdoug
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