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CZ American 17 HMR

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Why do I not here much about the 17 hmr cz's? Do any of you have one? If so how do they shoot at 100yds?
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Well, a British shooting magazine over here in the UK has just reviewed the American in .17HMR: "The American shows an oil-finished, walnut stock cut in a modern sporter style, with a neutral low combed butt and QD sling studs. The checked plastic butt plate and machine-cut chequering is basic, though the latter offers a secure hold. The forend is full and CZ has made a minimal attempt to free-float the barrel. Unlike the standard Ruger 77/17 there's alot more wood up front, so completely freeing the tube would not be a problem"
"At 100yds the gun shot around the 1/2" though it showed some vertical stringing, which I put down to the trigger. At 200yds it was dropping around 4" wih a group of around 1 1/2"

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