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CZ 457 VPT and Lilja Barrel...Range Report!!!

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All I can say is....WOW!!! o_Oo_O

My Lilja .900 barrel came in and I got it installed on my 457 VPT. We spent Saturday working on a metal shop. Come lunch time we stopped for pizza and I broke out my rifle, sighted it in (4 shots total!!) and we all took turns trying it out. I had a steel target hanging at 50 yds I used to sight in on. This target has a 1/2 inch square hole in it used for hanging and that's what we decided to shoot at. Ammo used was a new lot of Norma Tac-22 that came in Friday and wind was low at 1 to 4 MPH. Three shooters and 60 shots later, only 4 shots did not go through the 1/2 inch hole. To say the very least...everyone was happy with the results!!!
Not a great range report....but it's what I had time to pull off. :D

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The 2 very low impacts and the 2 impacts just low right of the hole were sighter shots. There were 60 shots fired at the hole. You can see 2 solid impacts and 2 partial impacts around the hole. The rest went through it.
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Finally made a decision on which lot # of Eley Match shot best. Looks like I'm going to be shooting it for a while so I tore down my rifle and made some minor adjustments. Didn't shoot a lot of groups but I think it is going to work very very well.

Did I mention...I really like my Lilja Barrel!!! :D:D

Here are the results with the Eley match today. Also shot a little bit of Eley Tenex. The number written in the top right corner of each bull is the number of shots fired. Targets are ARA Unlimited bulls.

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