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CZ 457 VPT and Lilja Barrel...Range Report!!!

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All I can say is....WOW!!! o_Oo_O

My Lilja .900 barrel came in and I got it installed on my 457 VPT. We spent Saturday working on a metal shop. Come lunch time we stopped for pizza and I broke out my rifle, sighted it in (4 shots total!!) and we all took turns trying it out. I had a steel target hanging at 50 yds I used to sight in on. This target has a 1/2 inch square hole in it used for hanging and that's what we decided to shoot at. Ammo used was a new lot of Norma Tac-22 that came in Friday and wind was low at 1 to 4 MPH. Three shooters and 60 shots later, only 4 shots did not go through the 1/2 inch hole. To say the very least...everyone was happy with the results!!!
Not a great range report....but it's what I had time to pull off. :D

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The 2 very low impacts and the 2 impacts just low right of the hole were sighter shots. There were 60 shots fired at the hole. You can see 2 solid impacts and 2 partial impacts around the hole. The rest went through it.
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I'm somewhat surprised that you swapped out your barrel. Seems to me from your previous posts you were already getting one hole groups out of your VPT. You were actually one of the enabling forces that made me think that a 16" VPC could perform that well ( even though I wasn't a fan of these short barrels).
I will say that the longer barrel looks a whole lot better on tyour rifle. I bet the balance and reduced muzzle blast is improved too.
This renews my interest of swapping out my 16" barrel (which shoots VG as well) to the 20" MTR barrel I have sitting on the shelf.
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