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CZ 457 Magazine Issues….

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I’m just curious. . .

How many of you have had issues with CZ 457 10 Round 22 LR Magazines OUT OF THE BOX.

My observations:
  • Magazine ”feels” noticeably different, less smooth when loading after 2-3 rounds. Almost like its binding.
  • If I can load 10 rounds it rattles when you shake it and there is no room to “press down” on the top round to “feel“ it is loaded to capacity.

I recently had a magazine ship with (2) followers and that was the reason it was binding. This was an obvious fix.

I tried taking them apart, depressing the magazine spring and holding it under tension through one of the cross holes, reinstalling the base and letting the spring go under tension to “slap” into place (process some people are having success with when using extensions). This worked on (1) of the magazines…. The other (3) are garbage… waiting to hear back from CZ / Vendor I bought them.
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Sending the 3 crap ones back to Europtic. . .

CZ wanted me to send them via fedex (they provided a label) but the nearest FedEx/UPS is 45 minutes out of my way and I’d need a box as they came via USPS. They said AFTER they got them they’d send me replacements.

At this point the returns easier and I’ll roll the dice with magazines from somewhere else.
With all the issues some folks have had it may have been worth the trip to send them back to CZ; maybe they would identify and correct the issues in house, dunno.
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