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CZ-452 Special Military Trainer: Range Report,,,

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I received my trainer last Friday from Buds Gun Shop,,,
All I had time for was a quick trip to the range and 25 rounds,,,
It went bang and felt good but I didn't have time for more than that

This Sunday the weather seemed perfect for some shooting,,,
Cloudy and overcast with hardly any breeze at all,,,
I decided to go shoot 100 rounds at 50 yards.

Since this rifle is going to be used in Rimfire Silhouette matches,,,
I decided to use the LRN military surplus Remington I have,,,
I bought 10,000 rounds of it a few years back,,,
I later acquired another 10,000 rounds,,,
That should last me for a long time.

I can't go to the range without forgetting something essential,,,
This time I forgot my target stand and spotting scope,,,
Left them sitting right beside the living room door.

I found some cardboard there and taped my paper silhouette targets to it,,,
So I'm shooting at 8 pig paper silhouette targets at 50 yards.

The CZ has an adjustable ramp rear sight that is marked at 25, 50, 75, 100, etc.
I set the ramp at fifty yards and slowly fired 5 shots from the bench,,,
I'm walking towards the target (no spotting scope) and see no holes,,,
"Dang!" I'm thinking,,, "I missed the cardboard."

Then as I got closer I saw that all five bullets were in the black pig.


I almost quit shooting right there,,,
I was thinking it was time to retire the rifle forever.

I fired 95 more rounds downrange,,,
I had a few more 5 shot rounds like the first,,,
But most were 4 shot hits with one just outside the target.

I tried two ways of shooting with these iron sights,,,
With my glasses so the sights were sharp but a fuzzy target,,,
And without my glasses so the target was sharp but with fuzzy sights.

I think I did much better placing clear sights on a fuzzy target.

I was sitting on a bucket using an inexpensive MTM rifle rest,,,
You sharpshooters out there are probably chuckling at my shooting,,,
But this is the best I've shot with a rifle in several seasons of practice shooting.

I'm 60 years old,,,
Half-blind and a bit shaky.

I think I've finally found a rifle that fits me,,,
Next time out I'll take my Silhouette Spinner targets,,,
I'll take a tape measure to set them out at the correct distances and score myself.

Boil it down to essence:

The 5 round magazine loads very easily,,,
The stock is the correct size for a 6' 2" adult male,,,
The sights are very solid and easy to draw a fine bead with,,,
The trigger has a teeny amount of creep but breaks light and cleanly,,,
The bolt seemed a bit stiff at first but after 100 rounds it got a bit smoother.

After a few years of trying a lot of .22's,,,
I think I've finally found the rimfire rifle I've been looking for,,,
All in all I am initially delighted with the feel and performance of this rifle


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Sounds like some good shooting and good fun and a good time to me.
It sounds like you now have a winner! The Trainer is one of the absolute best bargains out there. Congratulations.

May I now suggest that you contact Denny and put a set of Brno target sights on it? They will improve your sight picture and your score IMO.
My first cz was a 17 hmr trainer i bought for my farm. The beech stock is beautiful and rugged. I carry it everyday and has never once let me down.
Congrats on your new trainer, and a great day at the range. :bthumb:
Nice shooting......it is a pleasure for us with older eye's to use iron sights and be somewhat consistent. I purchased a trainer a couple months ago and although I have not had a lot of range time with this rifle I get satisfactory results, best I have had with any iron sights.

I have been contemplating aperture sights of some make and model but for now have decided to stick with the factory sights, kinda see where it will take me and how proficient I can become.
I also

Have a special, and also have bad eyes!:eek: So I Scoped mine and I had to make it mine! lol so I restocked it into a Boyd's thumbhole I got as an over run at about half price. Pillar bedded the action and had to put an 1/8th" thick washer under the lug as the channel was cut for a heavy barrel and mine wasn't! As oyu know. I also refinished the stock as I didn't care for the factory finish. this is it now!


Just a bit different!and it shoots great!:D I will keep her! Good shooting!:bthumb: Doug
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Congrats on acquiring a very fine rifle....as stated, one of the real bargains out there. :bthumb:

I don't have the Trainer, but I do have a pair of Lux rifles...same but with the walnut stocks. Love 'em.
I knew I would be preaching to the choir here,,,

But I'm just so danged pleased with the rifle,,,
I had to write about my initial experiences with it.

I do think I'll leave mine alone though,,,
Except that I'll make up a nice custom sling for it,,,
I'm not going to put a scope on it or do any modifications at all.

Nope, this baby will stay just as she is.
I'm not messing with something that isn't broken. ;)


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Aarond - congrats on your new CZ! It sounds like you've got a keeper!
Add a Williams rear peep or a set of Brno sights, and you'll be parting a mosquito's hair with that rifle. Or just stick with the stock irons -- it sounds like you're doing OK with those. :bthumb:

This is the Williams:


They go in and out of stock pretty quickly at CZ-USA.com. You can also get them from Midway or direct from Williams, but they cost about $20 more.
:Welcome: to the Czech-side, Aarond :)

Those trainers are a wonderful rifle!! My first CZ rifle was a trainer.. liked it so much that my 2nd was also a trainer just in case (God forbid) something should happen, I'd have a spare!

They started me down this most interesting path, and shooting with Brno sights we've managed to surprise more than a few folks with scopes :D

Post some pictures and all that when you get a chance, eh?

Best of luck with the new rifle!!

After a few years of trying a lot of .22's,,,
I think I've finally found the rimfire rifle I've been looking for,,,
All in all I am initially delighted with the feel and performance of this rifle
Wonderful! :bthumb:

So glad that you like your new rifle. I understand that you don't want to change anything, but I can recommened a few things if you will "bend" your rule just a little.

I'm a few years older than you and I found that the installation of a "ghost ring" helped tremendously. Mine was made by Eric Brooks; he's no longer in business but they are currently available from J&P (an REC sponsor). Get the set and see which one you like - you will be amazed.

If the ghost ring breaks the ice for you, someday consider a set of BRNO aperture sights from brnomann. I have three sets and these old eyes love them. I can break eggs - as long as they are painted orange - about 8 out of ten times at 100y using them.

The trigger is easily modified in one of several available ways. Do a search and pick the one you like best . If you are happy with it as it is - so be it.

Best of luck. Enjoy that new Czech - I surely do enjoy mine.

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Hello OldSwede,,,

Thanks for the recommendations,,,
I've copied the info and have it saved for future consideration.

One of the reasons I'm not modifying anything as yet,,,
Is just to see if for once whether I can perform well without enhancements.

My modus operandi in the past has always been,,,
Buy something and immediately start in on customizing it,,,
This was almost always done before I determined if it really needed customizing.

In most cases all that the customization did was waste money.

Once I have determined I'm wringing all I can out of this marvelous rifle,,,
Then I'll consider making some additions/enhancements to it.

But for now I'll leave it alone.

Thanks for the good information,,,
It's on file for future need.


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