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Hello, new member here saying hello from Pennsylvania. I purchased a CZ 452 American 22LR about 3 weeks ago[my first firearm] and I've been only been able to shoot one bullet out of it! I've been having a lot of issues trying to find scope rings for this rifle...Between trips to the gun store and back to return rings that didn't fit I've probably driven over 150 miles! I do not have pictures of my rifle yet unfortunately.

I originally ordered a set of Leupold rings from Cabela's that said they were made for the 452. I would just like to warn everyone that the ones on Cabela's site are 11mm and are made for the Lux and other variants of the 452, and NOT the American. I've since emailed Cabela's asking them to show this on their site so others do not make the same mistake.

Since the Leupold's weren't the correct size I ended up driving 15 miles to a relatively local gun store[Target World in Chalfont, PA] to purchase the 13mm rings which they said they had. Got to the store and what do you know, they didn't have them and probably never did. The guys behind the counter were extremely confused and because I had not brought my rifle with me[my mistake] he ended up giving me some Leupold Sako rings and said they would fit. :confused:

Got back home, of course they didn't fit. Ended up returning to Target World the same night with my rifle and scope and met the only employee who I felt knew what he was doing and got a set of Redfield .22 Caliber High Ring Mounts. To everyone who is searching for rings for their American, these rings fit quite well imo...maybe not as pretty as the Leupolds but they get the job done. Leupold recently bought Redfield so you know that it is a good company and the rings are a bit lower in price.

I then ended up returning the Leupold rings at the Cabela's store the next day to get credit for them since I didn't need them....the store is over an hour away from my house...they of course did not carry the 13mm which I've heard fit well so I ended up using the credit for the 11mm rings I returned along with the credit from the return of the Tasco WorldClass 3-9x scope to purchase the Burris Fullfield II Combo which included a nice set of binos.

Got to my buddies house to sight my rifle in, mount the Redfields and the Burris scope. Shoot one bullet and the casing won't eject! Turns out the bolt won't clear the new scope because the adjustment rings is quite a bit farther forward than the Tasco World Class.

The next day I made my 3rd and final trip to Target World to return the Redfields...my friend swore he saw Extra High Redfield Rings but they were not there when I returned. I returned the Redfields for store credit, picked up a Hoppes Cleaning Kit and some ammo and rather than order them through Target World and have to drive back up there to pick them up, I ordered them through MidwayUSA. The Redfield Extra-High 22 Ring Mounts should be here later this week and I hope that this is the end to my troubles.

Here are the Redfield rings if any of you 452/452 American owners are looking for an alternative to BKL, Leupold, Warne, etc.

Extra High[Matte]




Sorry for the long email, hope you got through it!

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Welcome to RFC, Seoulstice! :Welcome:And thanks for sharing your story with us. Yep, that bolt handle clearance on the mag ring seems to be the sticky wicket when it comes to getting a scope mounted on a CZ. I hope it gets sorted out when Midway ships and, of course, we're looking forward to the photos :) and a range report.

By the way, I have that scope on my CZ-527 chambered in .204 Ruger and love it. It is focused for somewhere around 100 yards so you may find images a little fuzzy if you shoot at much shorter ranges. You can help that a little by dialing down the magnification level (more fuzzy at high mag levels).
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