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CZ 452 .22 Varmint

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I saw this rifle on the website of a local gun shop earlier this week, so I drove over to have a look on Saturday. Big mistake, as I already have too many rifles (is that possible?). Anyway, I couldn't pass it up as I keep reading the 452's are just about all gone. I also bought the new Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40 Target EFR scope to put on it. Very sharp and clear, adjustable objective, finger adjustable knobs. Nikon has a promotion going to the end of the month on certain models for a $50.00 rebate. That will knock down the price I paid to $139.95 It's not quite as nice as my Leupold 3-9 EFR rimfire scope, but very close, and at a little more than 1/3 the price, I thought it was a steal! Only problem was, the bolt of the 452 just barely rubbed on the bottom of the eyepiece. I am using Burris Sig Zee medium rings with J&P adapters and I have the same rings in high, but the objective lens cleared the barrel by a 1/8 of an inch and the scope sat perfectly on the rifle and I didn't want to go any higher. I had a Bushnell Elite 4-12 x 40 scope on my Thompson Center 22 Classic, so I tried switching scopes. The Bushnell sits a little lower on the 452 and the bolt clears just fine. And with no bolt handle to worry about on the T/C, the Nikon fits and looks great. Here are a few pictures of the 452. I hope to go to the range later today and if not tomorrow to see how it shootshttp://i1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc492/moedum1/cz452var.jpg
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Just add ammo.:)
Really a beauty! Range report! Range report!
I have an almost identical set up. The only difference is the scope, a bushnell elite 6-24. You will love this gun.
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