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I took other peoples advice and bought BKL rings. I paid $21 shopped from Brownell's. They are supposed to fit both dovetails, and are "High rings" capable of being used with up to a 50mm objective. While it comes perfect for 3/8 dovetails, the base can supposedly be widened slightly by putting the clamping screws in a second hole in the base and turning them in, thus widening the base the little bit needed to get to 11mm. The screws are then put back into their original holes and used to clamp the rings tight to the dovetail. I also own 11mm rings from Beeman. They are about $30.

As far as scopes...it depends on your budget. For $150 I bought a Simmons Aetec 3.8-12 X 44. I now have 2 of them and think they are the best scopes for the money.
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