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Lo all,
Anyone know if there is any custom stocks made for the 452? I fact, is there ANY custom parts (apart from brookies kit) that are availible for the CZ?

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Don Stith makes benchrest stocks for the 452. I cannot find anyone who makes sporters, although I have contacted Richard's Microfit Gunstocks about using mine as a pattern. They are currently looking at a 452 in .22LR. The stock they are measuring apparently has one action screw, 2 trigger guard screws, and a barrel screw. I am willing to give my stock as a pattern. It is a 452 American in .17HMR. My stock has a ".22" stamped inside of the action area, and I will hope that my stock matches the .22 Win Mag action also.

Does anyone know if CZ inletting is the same for all of the 452s? I am sure it would help make up their minds. Does anyone have both a .22LR and a Magnum in the "American" action???
I second your question, Liam, but my sense is that there is no aftermarket support for 452s other than Eric Brook's very reasonably priced parts, and the adjustable sear that one of our fellow members makes and markets primarily through Brownell's.

I commend Don Stith for cultivating this market, but isn't his product a truly custom stock rather than an aftermarket item that benefits from an economy of scale?

It would nice to see 1/4 as many stock producers interested in the 452 as the 10/22. Haven't any of you with no.4 brnos pined for an Anschutz silhouette stock or even a crumby ramline stock to stick your 452 in for rough duty rather than scratching or soaking your nice wooden stock?

I have emailed CZUSA to determine whether they sell their synthetic stocks as a separate item, but haven't heard back yet. I will post their response.
I have both the American in .22LR and .22 Mag.. The .22 LR will fit the stock for the Mag. but the Mag will not fit the stock for the .22 LR. due to the inletting for the magazine. Most people would just inlet for the longer magazine and use the same stock for both--not CZ--they do it right!! The slot cut for the Magnum is longer to allow for the longer magazine. Other than that--they are the same. They could make a stock for the 22LR and it would work for both although the slot for the magazine could be opened up for the longer magnum magazine. I'll buy one in AAA Claro if they'll make it in their 'Old Classic " style. Hope this helps. My magnum has great wood(fiddleback!!) but my .22lr is pretty plain--but still nice.
I thought that Mike Turner, From Turner Customs, was tooling up for the CZ!! I had called him last summer, he wanted my stock for setup. But being a new gun I wanted to shoot it and not wait for weeks or months. Might want to give him a call?? He can be hard to get a hold of took me a week.:confused:
I own a 452 Special 22lr and Lux in 22 mag. I decided to switch stocks since the Lux had such a nice stock that would look so good on the 22lr that I shoot most often. Had to remove wood from the Special stock in the magazine area to fit the magnum barrled action.

Also the Special stock needed a new hole drilled into the stock for a wood screw as did the Lux to be able to properly anchor down the trigger gaurd. The CZ Special 22lr and the Lux 22 mag have different location for the receiver bedding screw.

My 22lr now has Lux status and looks very sharp - I just hope it shoots as well as it did when it was in the homely beechwood stock!
I'm still working on Richard's Microfit...if anybody else would consider a custom stock for their CZ...post it here PLEASE. I gave them a link to this thread to show them that there is some interest in an aftermarket 452 stock.
classic style

Iwould definately order one in classic style in aaa grade for my CZ, and im sure some of my friends would also, theres a lot of CZ's around here. If you look at how many posts are on the CZ board in reference to the other makes, you can see there is a lot of interest in these guns.
I just got an email from Richard's Microfit...they are going to cut the 452 in .22LR. They will see how they need to modify for the Magnums. You can now get a larger choice of stocks. Thanks for all the input guys...I really wanted a nice sporter stock for the CZ, and now I can get one!
Mike Eagle shield at CZUSA got back to me about the silhouette/style stock. It is $137.20.
If Richards makes them--I'll take two in AAA Claro in the style "Old Classic", maybe 3! I may put one on my #4 BRNO too.
Kent, I talked with the owner again today...the model stock he has is a .22LR lux. I am going to send him my "American" Hummer stock (should be the same as a Magnum). He is going to combine the 2. This means he will cut the stocks with the bigger magazine opening and all of the different actin screws. What he will do is drill the action screws that are not common to both actions(and the barrel screw) 1/2-2/3 of the way through. The customer can then decide which screw holes he needs and finish drilling them himself. This allows for stocks to be bought for any of the 452's like you said. I see a AAA quilted maple in my 452's future.!!!
Kent...I would imagine that the .22 Mag and the .17 HMR have the same action, as they do with the Rugers. Is this correct that an "American" MAG and HMR will be the same? (I know the lux does not come in HMR yet, and that the action screws are different).
Does anybody know if Richards is cutting any of his bench/target stocks for the cz's? I have been drooling on his benchrest thumbhole stocks.
I don't have an American in .17 yet, but I can only imagine that they are the same as the .22 Magnum. Maybe someone out there has both and can tell you, but I cannot since I don't have one of each. Thanks for stirring this up with Richards and getting it going. I have used some of their stocks in the past and they are very good quality for the price. I think the CZ stocks will sell. Once they have the inletting pattern they should be able to cut any style from Sporter to BR!!!
Alaska Mike...try this link. They make all of the stocks in any of the colors and woods that you see here: http://www.rifle-stocks.com/
Hi, I went to the web sight and didn't see any sporter bench stocks to use in ir50/50 for the CZ american . I know Don Stith makes them but they aren't drop-in (just called him) . I was hoping Mike Turner would have his ready soon . .....WVleo
Go to the site again...on the top click on "target/bench styles"
Hi, I did and do not believe any will make sporter weight for IR50/50 . ................WVleo
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