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Custom Slipjoints

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Got on Ken Erickson's list after seeing his work on BladeForums.
My # came up and boy did he deliver !!

Ken was a total pleasure to work with . His communication skills are top notch , only surpassed by his craftsmanship. I received constant email updates and even was blessed with a few in process pictures to keep me drooling ( and greeting the mailman every day at the door ).

Before the work on the knife began , Ken called me to work out the details. I told him what I was looking for , and he certainly covered in +10 !

The fit and finish is spot on , not to stiff to open , yet extremely secure when opened. The spine is flush in the closed , open and 1/2 stop position.
And man as good as it looks , it has performance to match , this sucker can cut !!

ATS-34 blade and spring ( has half stop )
410 milled, relieved liners and bolsters
flat ground, as ground finish on blade
cut swedge
brown paper Micarta scales jigged

I have always wanted a custom slipjoint , I am very satisfied with my 1st Erickson , I plan to get at least 2 more as time allows.

pictured with a Colt Ser 70 Gov with Koa grips.

compact carry mode :S & W J frame 22 and 3.5 Erickson EDC

I have found my EDC tri-fecta. ( ok 4 fecta as my Remington slip joint is always nearby).
Strider PT CC , Rinaldi Matrix , and Erickson 3.5 EDC

people might look at me a bit strange if they knew I actually carried and used these 3 all on a daily basis :eek:
I have had the Erickson for about 2 months now and it has been in the pocket ever since , cuts like a razor too. Glad I got on his list when I did , as his list is now at about 18 months + , I ordered another anways :)
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