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Currently manufactured SB silhouette scope?

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I have an Anschutz 1712 and I need a scope for small-bore silhouette competition. It must have these features:

adjustable objective

1" tube (recommend a 30 mm only if you can also recommend rings that hold the line of sight at least 2" above the bore)

20X to 25X, I prefer fixed power but will accept buying a variable and never adjusting it

0.5 MOA target dot, but I will accept a 0.375 MOA target dot

light enough to make hunter class (under about one pound, but I can get back to you later with a precise weight limit)

under $1000 (and over $500 - I'm not interested in buying junk)

Please only recommend scopes that are currently being manufactured. The internet is ankle deep in people talking about scopes that are no longer available.

I would consider buying a used scope if someone has one that meets these specifications.
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Find a range and start a match! I know a few D/FW folks that would show up.

Are you coming down to Houston for the state match in November?
Nice thought but the club I just joined isn't set up for it. And no plans for shooting a state match at this point. I haven't shot silhouette since I moved here 7 years ago. And for the record, they do have some silhouette matches but it's all cowboy silhouette. I'm sure it's fun and I even have a gun but I'd prefer regular NRA smallbore silhouette
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