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Crow hunters what kind of damage have you seen on downed crow with the little .17hmr?

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I've got a couple pics. Send me an email at [email protected] and i will reply them to anyone that wants to see them. Just put the subject as CROW so i can find them easy.

Well it aint pretty.

I know that. I didnt poke around in it, but when you shoot at 50 to a 100 yards its just a puff of feathers. I have only got out and looked at one. Nothing real special, if you want to see it really go splat you need to look in the upper .22 cals. the 17 does the job but not like a 223 or a 22-250.

I can't exactly comment on a crow as I have not had the opportunity to shoot one yet. I did however shoot a pigeon the other day. I had just zero'd my 77/17 at 100 yards. On the way out of the field I spotted a couple of pigeons. The closest was 131 yards (lasered). The wind was blowing right to left at about 15mph. I held into the wind and shot. It looked like a bomb hit the pigeon. The wind blew a stream of feathers that looked like smoke. A close inspection revealed a tiny little hole in the birds breast and a real mess in the back. The bird never flinched, its wings were still tucked into the "wing pockets".
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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