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Several months ago I posted a message about my 10-22T. For some reason, it stopped shooting accurately, so I changed the barrel, hammer, bolt stop, and mag release, free floated the barrel, and bedded the 1st 2 inches of the barrel channel. Still didn't work. Figuring it was time for the real experts, sent the action, with a new thumbhole stock from Boyd's to CPC.

They did their usual tune up and added a second action screw. Randy recommended that I change the tip off mount with a Weaver, which I did. Had to change the scope, since the Simmons adjustment knobs began to move the POI diagonally. Got a new Nikon Monarch, mounted on Burris Signature Zee rings, bore sighted it and then went to the range.

IT SHOOTS STRAIGHT AGAIN!! It can shoot out the X-ring of a SR-1 target at 50 yds, assuming that I get used to the trigger, which is way lighter, and smoother than it was when I sent it in.

Highly recommend CPC.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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