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Id say that after about 150 yards, I wouldnt take a shot with either.....But, that all depends on shot placement/wind and all of the other factors of "outdoor living".

Chiefs shot at 150 yards must have been amazing to see!  I wouldve loved to be there when he made that shot!  He said that shot placement was the key.

So, Chief has proved that with shot placement, it is possible to take a coyote at 150 yards.  Im sure you could do the same with the 22 WMR, but I wouldnt shoot anything past 150 yards, unless you are just out for "varmint control".  Like if the coyote is eating your chickens.....

For shots past 150 yards, Id go with something faster in a centerfire......
.22 Hornet

Something along those lines, but for the answer.....Yes, they will both work, as long as the shot is there!

I wouldnt hesitate for a second at 100 yards with either my 22 Magnum or my 17HMR........As long as I had a nice head-on shot or a good chest shot!

Hope I helped!!
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