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coyote recipe

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ok, so i'm spending quite allot of time in arizona now, plenty of yotes and no closed season, what do you do with em. Take em home and grill them for the dawg???

Skin em for a rug/coat

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Umm, Well,

Most people just shoot and leavelay. Depending on type pelt, year, conditions, and the abiltiy to anything with it they may take it and skin it out to be sold.

Just my .02 worth.

If you ever see scat with tiny hooves in it, you'll understand why the best thing to do is shoot as many as you can.
Several years ago a ranch owner down in southern NM payed us to shoot 'em. Just brought him the ears...I loved it, having a blast and gettin' payed to do it. JL

ps The only way they're worth eatin' is stir-fried...IMHO
"Buzzard has to eat, same as the worm." The Outlaw Josey Wales
Im sure you could eat them, the same as you could eat, beaver, skunk, possum, horse, racoon.

However, I will probably say no thanks when roasted coyote comes by.

Speaking realistically, some parts of the world think dog is a delicacy... Never tried it myself... probably never will... BUT.

I'd guess when it comes right down to it... a coyote would be to a dog, like crawdads are to shrimp.... or Buffalo is to beef. Not a lot different.

....but I'd rather doubt it tastes like chicken..:D :D

True enough ron.

Think about what the average (person) meat eater eats, (animal) that eats meat. Bear, and ... I like bear. What other meats? I cant think of very many.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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