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Could someone recommend a gunsmith?

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Could someone recommend a gunsmith in the Bucks, Montgomery or Lehigh county area of Pennsylvania? I am looking for stock replacement and to get the bolt on a M2000A rebuilt. Also considering a barrel change and Basix trigger.
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Robinsons in on Second Street Pike in Southhampton, PA. Quinby's on Route 313 in Dublin, PA. Both Bucks County. Robinson only has customer hours on Thursday through Saturday. Quinby's is open Tuesday through Saturday, including some evenings. The father used to build custom varmint and benchrest rifles, but he's semi-retired now. His two boys run the shop. One of the Quinby boys does very nice stock work and the other is a pretty good metal worker. I've used both shops and been happy with both.

There's also a gunsmith on Route 309 south of Allentown across from the Melody Lakes complex in the basement of the Montana West night club. I've been in his shop once and looked at some of his work. It was very nice. I have not used him, but one of the local gun shops speaks highly of his work.
Hope this helps.

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Quinby's I know them.

Yes as a beginner they were very helpful I was unaware they did more than quick repairs. They helped me out of jams more than once, I will have to stop be, it has been awhile.
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