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Here's a handy tool that an "old time" gunsmith taught me to make:

1. Get a cheap wooden yardstick
2. Attach a block of wood about the size of your typical buttplate to one end (glue, clamp on, whatever) so that it makes an "L"
3. Use a spring-type clothespin for the trigger
4. Shoulder your "gun" and determine the best position for the trigger
5. Measure the distance between the end of the "buttplate" and the "trigger" and you have your recommended length of pull

The guy who showed me this has been building custom stocks for about 50 years and fitting recoil pads to factory guns. He says it's accurate within a quarter of an inch. His is made on a yardstick that he got free from an Ace hardware store years ago. The numbers are so worn down that he's gone over them with a felt marker!

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