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Cool Boresnake Story!

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Please note, I am not asking if the Boresnake is a good accessory or claiming it's the best or anything like that. I have used them over the years but use old fashioned cleaning rods just as much...

I was cleaning a new barrel that seems to be full of some kind of "gunk," for lack of a better word. It was new, so I expected to clean out the usual assembly/storage oil most firearms ship with. I ran a wet patch down the bore (Hoppe's) and it came out black. A few more dry patches, grayish-black. I waited a while, then ran a patch with Clenzoil on it. I took a look down the bore and it was shinier, but I still saw lots of this gunk. I was confident it wasn't rust, since barrel is nitride treated and I saw no brown or red color on the patches. Next, I used a bore brush with Clenzoil. I followed that with a dry patch and took a look- still lots of gunk.

I was gonna stop there, since I've had old firearms with various visual abnormalities in the bore that shot just fine. But before giving up, I suddenly wondered, "Would a Boresnake do any better?" So i took out the Boresnake, wet the lead and brush section with Clenzoil, and sent her in.

And guess what! The bore is clean! No more mysterious gunk.

So, as I said, I'm not trying to convince anyone Boresnakes are the best, etc. But I was amazed at this little unexpected test and had to share it with my forum buddies.

Shoot straight and be safe! :cool:
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I bought a 22 cal, and a 30 cal bore snake from a discount store we have around here. Once I got home I realized it was made in China. Both were $4 a piece. Not sure if I should try them or not. Is there a particular brand that’s good?
The Tipton I use are made in China, the Hoppes are made in Mexico, I’ve had no issues with either
I use them from time to time. I like the one from Otis on my Anschutz and Kimber 82g when shooting our Silhouette match and don't have time between rounds to use a rod

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Sounds like an advert :ROFLMAO: you ought to be sponsored!
I use boresnakes all the time. Having a bad shoulder, I use it a bit differently. I run the lead through the breech until it comes out the muzzle and pull until it in the chamber. Pointing the muzzle down, step on the cord and pull the rifle up. Works for me.
One of the best uses I have for a bore snake is when I am fire lapping at the range, they do a good and fast job of removing any leftover grit. I use some oil on the lead.
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