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Don't know about "hrm", but all of the above can be converted to the .17HMR. The 77-22LR and Magnum use the same reciever. Do a search for "Clay", I think he did a full conversion to .17 from a 77-22LR. GM makes a drop-in barrel for them.

As for the 10-22M, I believe a barrel swap is in order. Using a GM barrel requires a spacer around the barrel shank and a shim at the V-block.

The 10-22LR requires a conversion to Magnum status first, and then the same as above would apply. See the ChiefDave conversions in the Magnum forum for more info.

Oh yeah, don't ask about a .17 conversion while on the Magnum forum 'cause Ski gets downright nasty about that.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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