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Contemplating Trade Colt Diamondback .22 for J. Blattman Peabody Martini Target Rifle

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A dear friend and co-worker has offered me his Colt Diamondback .22 in exchange for a target .22 rifle I'll show you in a minute.

His pistol has some bluing wear and is unfortunately missing a chunk out of the top of the left side original grip. It's also the less desirable 6" barrel. Timing seems OK and no noticeable end shake. I'm far from a Colt expert but I'm guessing from completed GunBroker sales that with the condition issues it's a $1200-1400 pistol.

Hard to see but besides the muzzle bluing issues there's a small oval strip of bluing missing just to the right of the "K" in Diamondback. Other than that it shows well. 1980 vintage or so.
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My rifle (2nd from the top in the image below) is a late 50's-early 60's J. Blattman Peabody Martini single shot target rifle with a Unertl 1.5" 15X target dot scope.

I bought it from another older friend who won several Colorado state smallbore championships with it. My friend with the Diamondback and I have both shot it and it is giggle accurate and also extremely unusual. I've never seen another outside of the NRA Museum website.

I paid $800 for the rifle and $400 for the scope around 10 years ago. There are no comps to get current value on the rifle but I did see a sale on the same Unertl for $1000 on Gun broker last month.

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Now, spoiler alert. I've already gotten some good input from Flysalot and Dbr65 which has about convinced me not to make this trade but I'll throw it out here for your comments as well. All opinions welcome, it's a weird deal and I won't take offense. 馃

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I love that rifle. To make it more of a slam dunk, I dont care for the colt design (ie lockup). They are well finished, but not for me. The money means nothing when love hate is so strong for the two guns.

And, OMG, you posted on the Colt forum! The Woodsman was a great pistol. You know who designed that? No idea who came up the Colt DA revolver. I got a pretty good idea who it was not.

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I did see a sale on the same Unertl for $1000
I dont follow the dollars. The 2" in 20x is more desirable. I think you are probably high. Gun Broker is not necessarily the same world you, me or your friend live in.

The people who do online apraisal run the gammut from hard core sellers to fair to unrealistic buyers or living in the past. It is almost a waste of time to ask.
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