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Competitive Bench Rest Shooting

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About three months ago, I purchased a CZ 452 American. Currently optics consists of a BSA 6 x 24 x 44 Platinum Scope attached to the rifle with Burris Signature Rings. Internal mod’s included pillar bedding, and the installation of an Adjustable Sear and 8 oz trigger spring from Automated Solutions. Accuracy is very good. Although I still am in the process of testing various brands of ammo, best results to-date was obtained by using SK Jagd Standard Plus ammunition. With it, after thoroughly cleaning the bore of the 452, I fired 10 “fowling” rounds. The next 40 consecutively fired rounds produced 8 groups averaging .301” at 50 yards. Now that the rifle and I are really getting dialed in, I would like to do some competitive bench rest rifle shooting with my 452. So….is anyone out there aware of an nationally recognized organization that offers Hunter / Light Rifle competitive bench rest shooting?
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Not too bad of groups....

and it should be somewhat competitive. When you check out the web site above, look at the records for different distances.

There are some leagues that shoot one shot per target and not groups, while others shoot for group. Remember that the group sizes will seem large because they are in MOA. In other words, your .31" groups would be .62" in MOA.

Good work on your CZ and go kick butt.
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