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Frustrated newbie alert!

I've had my Competition model for a few months now, having fired about 1000 rounds through it of various makes, mostly American Eagle. It used to jam a lot, but replacing the magazines seemed to take care of the problem with most ammo brands/types. However, the pistol still doesn't work right with Federal Gold Medal Target ammo. In a given magazine, at least half of the rounds won't fire when I pull the trigger, despite solid contact by the firing pin. I do notice quite a bit of lead buildup on the bolt face, and rounds that don't fire often show gouges in bullet surface. I'm wondering if the magazines weren't the only problem, perhaps the chamber might be out-of-spec? Would it probably be a good idea to send the pistol backto Ruger? If so, what kind of service can I expect?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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