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I use both, but...

The construction of the Lyman is stronger, more precise, and can keep it's zero better on calibers larger than a 22. I had a Willliams FP on my 45-70, but had to switch it out for a Lyman because the adjustment set screws would loosen up. I will eventually switch the Lyman out for a Marbles tang sight.

I use Williams receiver sights on 22 bolts and semi's and Marbles tang sights on my lever 22's with excellent results. I really like the Williams FP sights with the target knobs. Once you find the ammo that your rifle likes and set the zero, you can record the number of clicks for greater or lesser distances with ease.

A tang sight on a levergun will increase your sight radius and looks more aesthetically pleasing, but some people do have a problem adjusting to their use. Personal preference.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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