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Colt 2nd Series Grip Adapter

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Does adding either the small or large grip adapter change POI by attaching them to a 2nd series Woodsman? Would the POI be higher or lower? Thanks!
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When adding either the small or large grip adapter to my Woodsman 2nd series (4 1/2 inch bbl.) I did not note any change of impact using HV LR ammo. Of course each shooter grips a pistol (or revolver) a little differently. I actually prefer shooting the Woodsman without either of the adapters.
I do also. This particular model is a fixed sight Woodsman from 1949 serial number 45695S and it lost it's grip adapters somewhere along the way.

It shoots a little high at 15 yds and since options are limited wanted to see if having the adapters would make any difference.

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The only way to change POI, is to change sight alingnment or sight picture. The adapters are for adding mass to the grip.
If any thing I see the grip adapters doing the same thing as the mainspring housing on a 1911A1; which was designed to overcome the tendancy of some (actually alot of men) to jerk the muzzel down when the pulled the trigger.

I shoot mine without the adapters...
Thanks guys. It will at least feel more like a 1911A1 pistol with the arched MSH.
I don't use the adapters either but if you are looking for them Bob Rayburn has some on ebay here http://www.ebay.com/itm/Colt-Woodsman-grip-adapter-large-brown-material-New-old-stock-/200741705707?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2ebd2357eb but they are the large brown ones. He may have some of the Coltwood ones left but they aren't listed now. You have a nice looking Woodsman. Mine is a '49 too.
Thanks for the kind words. In fact I ordered one from him yesterday and it was indeed the large matching bakelite or Coltwood grip adapter, though it was not pictured on ebay.

Why did Colt make a limited run of the fixed sight model in 1949?
I'm not sure but Bob is the expert on them. You should send him a message and he will probably have the answer. He also sells a pocket guide for them.
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