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I came across a 10/22 in a pawn shop the other day that has me wondering if it might have some collectors value. It was a 10/22 carbine in a synthetic stock that looked like a mini-14 stock. The serial number didn't have the three number prefix that the newer rifles have. I checked the Ruger website and determined that the rifle was made in the late 60's. It was not for sale but was still on pawn. I asked when it would be available and was told it should be around the middle of July. He's asking $100 for it. It's got some sort of scope on it that's wrapped in camo tape. Does anyone think this might have some collectors value due to the early serial number? If not I'll probably pick it up for my next project gun.

Whadda ya think? :confused:
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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