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Colibri ammo

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Any potential problems or damage shooting Super Colibri ammo in a target chamber or standard chamber? I know the standard Colibri ammo may not clear a long rifle barrel.
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It works in my A&B barrel. I wouldn't use it on anything further then 20yrds. I mostly use in it my nylon 66 'cause it will feed and chamber anything flawlessly.

I agree, about 20 yds is max range. I use the Colibri for practice in my house. No smoke, fairly quiet. At 15 yds I seem to get one or two flyers in 10 shots. Otherwise they group quite well. The sound level on a 18 inch barrel is significantly less than my 16 inch barrel. Thinking of buying a rifle with 22 inch plus barrel and me thinks it will be very quiet. Bill
ive shot them out of a small beretta pistol. forget the model, but it had a tip up 2'' barrel. sounded like a loud cap gun. from a 16" barrel rifle they are as quiet as an airgun.

be careful of your backstop i noticed that they tend to ricochet. sometimes back at you.
It's better to use a dirt or sand backstop with the super colibri. For something easy just use a box filled with newspaper.
I like to use the Colibri to sight in new scopes or sights, without having to wait for range day. Being single, shooting indoors ain't a problem. ;)
A cardboard box filled tightly with old rags works well for the regular Colibri, and my "range" (from living room, over the easy chair, into the bedroom - nothing but paper! :p ) is about 25 feet.
It's enough to get a ball-park adjustment, then tweak the elevation when I get to the range. :cool:
With our local range closed these last two months for renovation, it's been the only shooting I can get in, too. Neighbors are too close for yard shooting. :(
that sounds like a plinking around the hose kinda load.

where do you get this stuff at Ive never heard of it. i usualy use reg high velocity stuff on magpies and crows pigeions and stuff but only when the neibors are gone well the neigbors to right of me anyways.

quiet and acurate to 20yds sounds like fun.

My local gun shop is selling Super Colibri's for $5 a box.
Bought a brick from Cheaperthandirt.com for $15...Good price.

Super Colibris shoot a 20 grain bullet at aobut 500 fps. They also offer the Colibri that shoots at about 350 FPS. I'd not try the regular ones in a rifle as they might not clear the barrel. Even on the Supers the box instructions warn you about the possibility of them not clearing a rifles barrel. The sound of the Super's is slightly louder than my R1 Beeman pellet gun.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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