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CMP Sporter Raw Scores - July

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Hi All,

Please enter any scores in this thread that are being submitted for the July E-Mail match

Bryan - The Fuzzy Limey :rolleyes:
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Sheffield Scores

Well, we won't be shooting at Camp Perry but we had fun sweating thru 60 scored rounds in North Alabama.

Danny Creasy (sheffieldshootr), Florence, AL USA 07.23.05
CZ 513 Basic, Weaver 2.5-7X28 Classic Rimfire, CCI Blazer
100-7, 96-2, 97-2, 91-3, 99-7, 98-4, 581-25

Paul Enlow, Florence, AL USA 07.23.05
Marlin 25mn, Bushnell Sportview 4-12X40, CCI Maxi-Mag HP
100-4, 97-3, 98-7, 99-4, 91-1, 93-1, 578-20

Dwight Pilkilton (Pdwight), Florence, AL USA 07.23.05
Biathlon Basic, Leupold M8 fixed 6 power AO, Wolf MT
100-7, 99-5, 93-1, 89-1, 96-4, 95-2, 572-20

Dwight Rickard (Educator), Florence, AL USA 07.23.05
TC Classic, Leupold fixed 6 power AO, Wolf MT
99-4, 92-0, 89-1, 88-0, 98-4, 95-2, 561-11

Richard Enlow, Florence, AL USA 07.23.05
Biathlon Basic, Bushnell Banner 4-12x40, Dynapoint
99-4, 97-0, 82-1, 79-0, 86-1, 91-0, 534-6

Corey Underwood, Florence, AL USA 07.23.05
Ruger 10-22, NC Star fixed 6 power, Dynapoint
86-0, 46-0, 64-0, 67-0, 89-1, 83-1, 435-2

4,065 Posts
I believe Warren said it is the same as the one used in the old BRNO Farmer. It employs a leaf spring. Frankly I have never pulled my barreled action out of the stock because the little rifle groups so good. The only thing holding it back is the trigger. If you do a search on the CZ forum here for the "513", you will find some posts and detailed photos of its trigger group done by Newmoss. He has actually doctored his effectively with soda can shims. I may try this myself.

As I have stated before, of my four CZs this el cheapo model has the smoothest and most reliable action of the bunch - really slides the cartridges in totally unmarred and then handily flicks the empties out in the same consistent manner. No hinky bolt movement that leads to double feeds. The comb is not as low as a Trainer/Special/LUX and combine this with the fact that you can easily drive out the rear sight and you have a low height scope friendly rifle.
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