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CMP Eligibility Affidavits. . . !

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Hi All,

Just a quick word of caution to all would-be CMP competitors ! With three officially sanctioned Rimfire Sporter events on the shooting calendar over the next two weekends - one each in Iowa, Tennessee and Pennsylvania - this gives you fair warning of your responsibility before attending these matches !

Be aware that in order to compete legally in any officially sanctioned CMP tournament ... whether Rimfire Sporter, Garand or Vintage Bolt-Rifle ... you must have submitted a signed and notarised Affadavit and Liability Agreement to the Match Director for that specific match. This is a Federal Government requirement !

This requirement is waived if you have previously complied with this condition at another officially sanctioned CMP match, and said Affadavit is officially on file with the CMP, or that Club or Sponsor.

To obtain a copy of the blank CMP Affadavit go to the following link and print out a copy of the official form.


Take your copy of the form to a local Notary Public, fill it out and sign it in his/her presence. Failure to have complied with this requirement will disqualify you from competition !

Bryan - The Fuzzy Limey :rolleyes:
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