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CMP 52D....(New Toy)

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I picked up one of the 52D barreled actions a while back from CMP - didn't get the order in quick enough to get one of the "whole guns". I got a stock from Jim Finn; what had originally been a 52 "position" stock that Jim had modified somewhat & bedded. I modified it even more & added a bunch of weight to it then painted it red, white & blue. I had the trigger rebuilt by Billy Russell, of Gatesville, TX. I won't say there is nobody as good as Billy with a trigger but there are none better. It is completely creep & overtravel free & breaks crisply @ 3 oz. But with the wide 52 trigger that 3 oz. feels about like the 1 1/2 oz. Jewell in my 40X. Also got a 12 oz. Fudd "bloop" tuner from Scott Hamilton & mounted it late last week. Just took the rig out for it's "shakedown cruise" Tuesday morning to tweak the tuner, etc. After a little tweaking & shooting groups @ 25 yards I put up a USBR target to try it out. In less than great conditions; wind kinda switchy 7 I wasn't really watching it as well as I should have, the first target tried with it was a 250/17X... I think the old club gun still has some promise left! I'm a happy camper so far........ :D