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CM2 quality?

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I havent bought a new 22 in a while and have been thinking of a Izmash CM2.I would like to know how the quality is.Is it too small for adults?Any problems with canted sights that sometimes appear on Russian guns?How sturdy is the action?I have a Biathalon Basic and I like it,but I would like the option of peep sights.I have always wanted a 22 with target style sights.
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if you can find one i would imagine they are accurate. at least they are single shot so no magazines to worry about!...at least i think they are single shot. The Kimber model 82 the CMP has are good guns, around 600 bucks with aperture sights. Probably one of the best deals, and easier to get than the cm2...however if your like me you love the accuracy the biathlon has and would want the cm2 just because its made by the same people....i would expect good to great accuracy.
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