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Here are the shooting results of the *Clerke* 16"
barrel and Hogue stock combo that I purchased from J&G
sales for $99.

As you can see I shot about a dozen different types of

The day was cold and wet, temperature was in the 40's
but the wind and fine rain mist made it seem a lot
colder, range was 50 yards and the supports used were
sandbags off of a bench. Scope was a Tasco 6-18 power
with adjustable objective. There's a Clark deluxe
trigger group in the gun also.

I fired at least 5, 5 shot groups with each brand of
ammo. Group averages are listed below. Groups were
measured farthest edge of bullet hole to farthest
edge. So for you purists out there subtract .223, the
diameter of the bullet for a more accurate or
traditional measurement of center to center of
furthest bullet holes.

Federal Lightning

Winchester Wildcat

CCI Velocitor
This ammo was all over the place with one group being
.650 and the rest ranging on up to 1.1"

Remington, Eley Match Rifle
.633 - The best overall accuracy in my gun. One group
was in the .5's. It also seemed that this ammo gave
the least of the non existant .22RF recoil. And
whatever lubricant is used on these bullets its got a
unique pleasant smell. I wish I could afford to shoot
this ammo all the time.

Remington Thunderbolts

CCI Mini Mags

Federal Match Gold Medal (711)
.920 - I was very surprised that this ammo didn't give
me better accuracy.

Remington Target (std vel)

CCI Green Tag
.750 - Also thought this ammo would do better. I had
consitent flyers. Out of the 5 groups shot, I had 3
groups with a flyer in each group. One of the shot
groups had 4 holes within .4 and then the flyer opened
that group up to .9"

Green Tag did give me the single best group of all the
ammo fired - all 5 rounds in at about .4 - talk about
your one ragged hole group!!

Winchester Xpert (Bulk box)
.912 - This ammo was all over the place too, lots of
flyers. With groups going anywhere from .850 to 1.5"

Federal bulk pack ammo, 36gr HP, (550 rds)

Winchester SuperX

Aguila (sp) Super Colibri
Not really shot for accuracy but just to see how it
would do. First this ammo will not cycle the bolt.
Extraction and ejection are manual by pulling back on
the bold handle. At 50 yds this stuff was ALL OVER
the place. groups were measuerd in feet not inches.

At about 10 yards though this stuff shot extremly
well. While I didn't measure the exact groups It
looked like they were well under 1" and probably
closer to .7".

Overall I'm very impressed with this barrel and stock
combo. I think the above groups prove that if you're
looking for an inexpensive heavy barrel for your Ruger
10/22, the Clerke barrel is an excellent choice.

I think I'll just stick with my old standby plinking
ammo for this gun, Federal Bulk Box. At consistent
average .750" groups @ 50 yds this ammo will give me
all the accuracy I need.

Next up will come the 100 yard tests. But I think I'm
going to wait for warmer weather to do those.


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Thanks for all the kind comments.

There is one error I made in the report.

I went back to the range today where I did the tests, and believe the bench I used was not at the 50 yard line as I had believed when I did the test, but someone had moved it closer.

The actual test range was about 45 yards. I'm not sure how much of a real difference that makes but thought I should mention it.

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