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Cleaning Question

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I acquired a single shot Anschutz over the past weekend. Later I'll post pictures, asking for help identifying it. My cleaning question is: Is the patch Worm system adequate for cleaning the barrel?
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Regardless of whatever method the rimfire rifleman uses to clean his or her barrel this one thing is certain.

Everyone thinks their barrel is clean and pristine until they look through it with a bore scope.

I highly recommend the one in the link below. Be forewarned, you may go through a short period of depression when you look at the bores of your rifles with this little marvel of technology. After a while, you will learn to live with the little imperfections that the bore scope reveals.

Here is another warning. A friend of mine looked at the inside of his ears with the bore scope and hasn't been the same since. Just like the rifle barrels, you may think your ears are really clean until...

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