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Classic range day report

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After 29 days of rain, I finally got a day to go shoot outdoors. Somehow shooting at 60ft indoors with a rifle doesn't do it for me.

My T/C classic was one of the rifles I took today and it turned out the best groups even with the lousy trigger. The other guns I was shooting were a 1924 8mm Mauser, M1 Garand in .308, Marlin 336 in 30-30 and Win 1894 made in 1895 in 38/55.

I only shoot cheap ammo as I shoot about 500 rounds a week. I use Federal Classic and WW Dynapoint. My Classic likes Dynapoint the best. I have a Simmons scope with adjustable objective. Simmons scopes seem too sensitive as far as eye relief goes but there isn't another small AO scope in its price range.

I was shooting everything from the prone postion at 100 yards. Using 6 power, I was able to shoot a nice two inch group at 100yards. The wind complicated things a bit as it was blowing left to right at about 10 MPH. These classics are really accurate and nice handling guns. I only have two *****es about them. 1) you can't make a crisp let off without sacrificing reliability due to the geometry of the action and 2) they put those cheesy plastic floorplates on a really nicely made magazine.


John from MD
I sure hope some after market place comes up with a better trigger soon.